Tour Setting

Tour Setting Options

In tour setting, there’s a lot of features you can use such as Last Minute Booking, Book In Advance(Specify # days), Putting Discount price, Minimum People per each booking, Maximum People in each group.

Additional Services (Chargeable)

You will be able to create a chargeable services to customers such as extra meal, guide tips, cleaning fee or selling equipments like umbrellas or sunglasses. This can be both mandatory or optional.

Auto Reminder & Group Messaging

Admin can set up an auto reminder to your customers before traveling date. For example, to remind them to bring important documents or important stuff. Admin can also send a message to the certain group of customer (selected by travel date) at one time.

Date & Pricing Options

Date Setting

You will be able to create tours as One Day or Multiple Days. With Multiple Days, you can select tour price calculated by room price based. Then you can select timing method to be One Time or Recurring tour.

Price Setting

There are three pricing methods, Fixed Price(price per head), Variable Price(adult, child, infant, student) and Group Price(one price for a group people). If the date set to Multiple Days, The Room Based pricing will be enable.

Package Variable

You can create multiple type of the tour. For example, separate them into different start time (ex. for museum ticket), different seat type (ex. concert, transportation), add specialty (ex. fast lane for amusement park ticket)

Front End & Booking Process


Tour Layout

Tour Master comes with 10 tour list styles, full / full-with-frame / medium / medium-with-frame / modern / modern-no-space / grid / grid-with-frame / grid-no-space / widget

Tour Search

The search tool allows user to search tours by Keywords, Tour category, Tour duration, Travel date, Min and Max price.

Custom Filter

You can create unlimited custom filters for your tours and even more, this can be applied to the searching tool as well!

Urgency Message

This feature will show the number of current viewing guests to motivate customers to purchase your tours faster.

Booking Process

Online Payment

Tour Master comes with PayPal payment, the most popular online payment gateway and Credit Card payment (Stripe, Authorized.net and PayMill).

Bank Transfer

Customers can also book the tour and pay later by bank transfer. After the transfer, customers will be able to submit payment receipt from customer’s dashboard and admin will be able to check for approval.

Deposit Payment

Admin can enable the deposit(partial) payment from the plugin setting. It can be set as %percentage of the full amount and you can also select the minimum days before tour start date to accept deposit payment.

Coupon Code

You can create coupon codes and provide to customers to run promotion or for any special occasions. The coupon code can be used as % percentage of the price or the fixed amount of money. You can also set the expiration date and available amount of each coupon codes too.

Group Discount

Tour Master allows you to set the group discount. For example, 5-9 people get 10% discount, 10-15 people get 15% discount and so on.


Customer Dashboard

Customer dashboard allows you to view previous or pending
bookings, invoices, receipt, ability to review tour and save wishlist

Booking List

Single Booking


Review Submission

Admin Transaction Page

From the transaction page, Admin will be able to see all booking. Admin can change
the status of bookings (Pending, Approved, Receipt Submitted, Online Paid, Deposit Paid, Departed, Rejected, Cancel)

Booking List

Single Booking

Proceed Booking